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Ergonomics and work safety



Noise is one of the most important factors increasing the risk of work. In closed rooms, it has a special impact on the health and fitness of employees. Prolonged presence next to noisy devices causes damage to health, which is why their presence makes it necessary to use hearing protection. This, in turn, makes communication in the production hall difficult.

ROER soundproof housings:

  • They increase work safety
  • They increase work comfort
  • They facilitate communication
pracownicy w nausznikach antyhałasowych

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Working in dusty environment requires the use of respiratory protective equipment, hinders communication and is dangerous to the health of employees. Get rid of harmful dust from the workplace thanks to the ROER air filtration systems.

Advantages of the ROER filtration systems:

  • Reduces dust
  • ROER filtering devices help clean the air of harmful particles.
  • they increase work safety
  • ROER filtering systems reduce the risk of breathing-related occupational diseases.




Balancing arms balance the weight of tools mounted to them such as: drills, grinders, pneumatic wrenches, riveting tools, balancers, welders, extruders or measuring heads.

ramie balansujące 3arm ze szlifierką
ramię balansujące 3arm

Balancing arms

Balancing arms (balancers) from 3arm® are the base of the ROER load reduction systems. They balance the weight of tools mounted to them such as: drills, grinders, pneumatic wrenches, riveting tools, balancers, welders, extruders or measuring heads.

manipulator przemysłowy


Wherever there is a need to move materials, details or products, our manipulators can be used.
They are a valuable help in jobs that require lifting of heavy loads.

gwintownica roscamat shark

Tapping machines

These tools are characterized by high precision, a wide range of applications and ease of use. Whether you need to thread in different planes, or automatically control the depth of the thread, our tools will help you perform each operation with precision and in a short time.



towar na regałach przemysłowych z blatem kulkowym


In combination with the appropriate transport trolleys, our industrial racks create a complete solution that allows you to effectively transport and store materials and products.

Rollers mounted in the shelves of the rack significantly reduce the strength that is needed to manipulate the details on the shelf.

blat rolkowy

Roller shelves

Useful everywhere where it is enough to move the stored material in the FRONT/REAR direction

regal przemysłowy z blatem kulkowym

Ball bearing shelves

Useful where there is a need to set the components side to side on the shelf.

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